Kardashian fans mourn Kim's 'old face' & beg her to stop with 'surgeries' as she looks different in throwback photo | The US Sun

2023-03-02 00:58:52 By : Mr. Bo WU

KARDASHIAN critics have accused Kim of having more plastic surgery and are begging the reality star to stop.

While the 42-year-old has denied having extensive work done, critics have started comparing before-and-after photos. Laser Hair Removal Butt

Kardashian fans mourn Kim's 'old face' & beg her to stop with 'surgeries' as she looks different in throwback photo | The US Sun

Recently, Milan Fashion Week saw Kim Kardashian representing the Italian fashion house D&G.

Photos of Kim surfaced, where the reality star's face looked different.

Surgery speculation started ramping up again, with one Reddit user noting she looks "scary," while others claimed the photos prove she’s gone under the knife.

Another Redditor posted a throwback photo of Kim lamenting: "Gawwwwd, why would you touch your face if it looked like this?!! I miss this face so much!"

"While I think she was really pretty here, there were stages of her face transformation that I absolutely loved more than her OG face. That seems horrible to say but some of her surgeries were so beautiful, seems she just didn’t know when to stop," one person answered.

Another agreed: "I totally agree. Some of the surgeries really enhanced her look but it was also easier to look better when you are younger. Now we enter the overdone stage because it gets harder and harder to maintain the look."

However, others weren't so sure, with one commenting: "People keep showing photos from 20 years ago. No matter what, she wouldn’t have this same face at 42."

"For real. I still think she looks great. I see posts pointing out a nasolabial fold with such glee- and I don’t get it," scathed another.

One pointed out: "Honestly, she doesn’t look THAT different. She made changes to her face over time and avoided looking overfilled or botched. For celebs, that’s such a slippery slope."

Rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian’s fondness for cosmetic treatments have been circulating for years - but with a focus on her face, butt, and boobs.

Previously in a 2010 interview with ABC News' Nightline, Kim admitted: "I'm absolutely not against cosmetic surgery,” before adding, “I've previously tried Botox. That's the only thing that I've done." 

And while the reality star since claimed to have had treatments like laser hair removal and butt injections for her psoriasis, little is known about any invasive cosmetic surgery.

In August 2022, ahead of her high-profile collaboration with D&G, Kim told Allure magazine that she’d reduced her Botox injections.

"I've chilled, actually,” she said.

But fans thought the opposite, and now an expert's had her say.

Exclusively analyzing images and video of Kim Kardashian, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Barrett told The U.S. Sun: “Looking at the images and the video of Kim, her face appears relaxed and even frozen.

“There’s no expression or ability to move the face in the video where she's talking about her D&G collection.

"This is typically the result of a heavy Botox dosage to the forehead area and around the eyes. 

"The other thing I noticed is there’s a slight bit of rippling in Kim’s cheek, which could indicate that she might've had thread procedures done."

“From what I can see Kim may have had Botox, a Botox lip flip, threads, and liposuction around her knees.

“Over the last six months, Kim could have spent around $36,000 on cosmetic procedures.”

Kim previously addressed plastic surgery rumors in an interview with Allure.

She alleged during the sit-down that she had never had filler in her lips or cheeks, admitting only to getting "a little bit of Botox" in her forehead.

She told the outlet: “No filler. Never filled either one (lips or cheeks), ever.”

Kim has never admitted to having butt implants, though fans think she has or had them at one point.

She recently admitted that she still gets Botox after vowing never to have it again.

The reality star first had the injections when she was 29 years old back in 2010 and swore off the procedure after her skin had a nasty reaction to it.

But in a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim said, "Thank God for Botox," while discussing the stress of studying to be a lawyer.

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Kardashian fans mourn Kim's 'old face' & beg her to stop with 'surgeries' as she looks different in throwback photo | The US Sun